Week 6 Blog – Group 23

In our second to last week of camp, Group 23 has had so many exciting events and activities that has kept our energy and enthusiasm going.  It all prepared us for Wednesday’s carnival and Thursday’s overnight!  We began with activities such as painting and drawing, where we created our own tropical birds, and coding, learning to create our own computer games through a software called Scratch.  We also made different types of shoes in ceramics and put our big imaginations to work in the evos playground.  Then came our Wacky Wednesday, and this week’s theme was Yomi Bear’s Safari Adventure and we had safari themed activities such as a lily pad relay.  Group 23 also enjoyed everyone’s favorite event: carnival!  We ate yummy snacks and played games and had fun in the bouncy houses.  The next day was the start of our second overnight, and everyone had a blast!  After our regular camp day ended, we had an extra swim and participated in an exciting game of Color Chase, collecting colors and trying to escape the green meanies!  Afterwards, we gathered around the campfire for s’mores and stories before going to sleep.  We then ended our week with some more relaxed activities like gardening and arts and crafts, and we left off on a super high note by winning Group of the Week!  We’re definitely going to keep up our energy for camp in our last week!

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