Week 6 Blog – Group 28

This week at camp Yomi was an exciting and eventful one. Not only was it Safari Wednesday but also Unit 3’s overnight. To kick off the week campers played some frisbee, after running around and having fun kids went into the pool to cool off. Campers then later got to be movie stars during filmmaking. On Tuesday kids got to do archery and even getting some bullseyes. Later in the day campers also got to hit some home runs during baseball. During arts and crafts campers got creative by creating masterpieces using tissue paper to add an extra effect. Goals were also scored during soccer. Wacky Wednesday was also safari themed. But before the wild activities could start, campers enjoyed their time playing gaga. After lunch campers got snacks and got to enjoy some games. After free swim, there were more games for kids to play. After all the fun and games campers created underwater animals with plates and other items. Thursday was the second overnight for unit 3. But because all the fun of overnight, kids got to show their basketball skills. During Jewish Culture, campers shared beautiful and inspiring words about the culture. After Yomi- lectives campers got ready for all the extra fun from overnight. First kids played different games including kickball, steal the bacon, and gaga. After that campers enjoy a friendly round of pizza relay. Once that was done one of the best games ever took place. Greenie Meanies, a race to try and find all 7 colors without getting caught by a greenie who has the power to wipe away all the colors. Once the game was over we all enjoyed dinner, then began to set up for the night. To end the night was a bonfire with of course s’mores. On Friday we all enjoyed breakfast together as a unit, then cleaned up our belongings and had free swim. After getting refreshed we had time to play kickball. After lunch group 28 learned about nature. To end such a busy week group 28 participated in Painting and Drawing, where they created exotic birds. We all hope you enjoy your weekends, and tune in next week for the excitement that’s in store for our last week of camp with all our friends!!!

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