Week 6 Blog – Group 27

The Liberty Ballers are finishing up their last weeks of camp, with tons of fun and amazing activities, as well as making lasting memories for the summer! This week Group 27 made it big in Basketball, and found their true ballers playing with their friends and landing some super shots. These champions left victorious, having earned the titles Kings and Queens of the court. Instructional swim has become yet another activity our talented campers have mastered, and improved in. We then found skills in Archery, learning how to find our true aim, and land the target with a bull’s-eye. The Liberty Ballers also enjoyed Safari Carnival Wacky Wednesday, in which the whole unit dressed up as lagoon animals and enjoyed face paint, glitter tattoos, games, music, and bouncing around a party bouncy castle! Our campers also had the pleasure of dunking their favorite counselors in a dunk tank, playing pin the tail on the Zebra, Cheetah Chase, and so much more! We finished up our week with our second camp overnight, in which we enjoyed another lovely BBQ dinner, s’mores, and campfire fun. Campers had a blast playing Color Chase, trying to get all the colors of the rainbow, and escaping from the “Meanie Greenie’s”. With our last few days of camp, our campers have made it their mission to have as much fun as they possibly can. Whether that’s soaring the skies on Flying Squirrel, singing songs and dancing at Shabbat, or making new friends and masterpieces in Ceramics, the Liberty Ballers can’t wait to take on each new day which holds even more fun! We all hope you enjoy your weekends, and tune in next week for the excitement that’s in store for our last week of camp with all our friends!!!

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