Week 6 Blog – Group 26

The Terrific Taxi’s zoomed their way into the sixth week of camp! We started off our Monday with painting and drawing where we made some terrific tropical birds. Afterwards, we headed to instructional swim where the taxi’s impressed with their spectacular swimming skills. We then headed off to coding where we had our turn at an activity about angry birds. We had a ton of fun and had smiles on our faces as we went over to free swim. We had a ball swimming and splashing with our friends in the pool! We ended our day with Yomi electives where we all learned a lot and had a bunch of fun. We went home with happiness in our hearts and excited for our next day. Tuesday started off with some incredible times in Krav Maga where we played a great game with zest and zeal. We then headed off to instructional swim where we learned a lot and played a little too! Afterwards, we had basketball where we learned some cool techniques and had a bunch of fun. Free swim came after where we had a ball splashing and playing with our friends. We then went to pop fits kids where we played a rousing game of jackpot. Nature followed and we dug for worms with happy hearts and eager hands. We ended our Tuesday with smiles plastered on our faces and excited for the next day. The theme for Wacky Wednesday this week was lagoon animals where we all channeled our inner lagoon creatures. We stunned everyone at camp with our amazing costumes! We started off our Wednesday with a rousing game of Gaga where we all had an incredible time. Instructional swim followed and we all worked on our strokes and kicks. Afterwards we had carnival where we dunked our counselors, jumped on a bouncy house and ate some deliciously snacks. We then bounded over to free swim where we all grew some gills and kicked and played. We then played some wonderful carnival games like find the Dino and feed the donkey. Afterwards, we had some fun in the unit where we played lily pad jump and made some super cool jellyfish, turtles and fish. We ended our days with big smiles and excited to be heading back to Camp the next day. Our Thursday began with soccer where we had a fantastic scrimmage game. We then went to instructional swim where our gills came back and kicked to our hearts content. Afterwards, we headed to ceramics where channeled our inner artist and made some terrific coil cups. Free swim rolled around next where we had kicked and splashed with joy in our hearts. We then had Yomi electives where we all had more fun than we thought possible. We then waved some of our friends goodbye, but the rest of us stayed at camp because we had the over night! We kicked off the night with some great field games. After, we had our second free swim where we all had a ball! Then, we had a NYC pizza race where we made pizza out of play doh and delivered it to our head counselor. We then had a delicious barbecue and chomped down on our yummy dinner.  We then played an exhilarating game of color chase where we tried to find colors without getting found by the greenie meanies. We ended our day with some scrumptious s’mores and bonfire songs. We went to bed with smiles on our faces and excited for the next day of camp. Our Friday started with a yummy breakfast and a morning free swim. We then greeted our friends who didn’t stay over night with us and started our day with some fantastic Frisbee. Then, it was instructional swim where we all had fun learning from our lifeguards. Afterwards, we channeled our inner Katniss Everdeen at archery where we got bull’s-eyes left and right. Then, we had free swim where we grew our gills once again and kicked and splashed a ton. Afterwards, we had Shabbat where we sang our hearts out and danced like crazy! We ended our week with climbing tower where our inner monkey came out and we scaled the wall in record times. We ended our sixth week with happy hearts and so excited to have one incredible week of camp left. Have a wonderful weekend and we’re excited to see you next week at wonderful Camp Yomi.

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