Week 6 Blog – Group 25

This was a very exciting week for Group 25, we swam, took pictures around the garden, sang songs at Music with Nelson, and played Improv games run by the people from Laugh it Out. We channeled our inner athlete and played intense sports games of Tennis, Lacrosse, and Baseball.

Safari Adventures was the theme for our Wacky Wednesday this week. ┬áThe safari included a carnival where we got to go in a bouncy house, eat treats, play many games at the table booths, and dunk different counselors in the dunk tank. We also drew different safari animals and did lilypad races. This Thursday was our second overnight for the summer. We kicked it off with a relay race where we had to make pizzas and deliver them. We also played a game called “Color Chase,” where we had to find as many colored paints around the camp without being discovered by the head counselors, aka the “greenie meanies.” We ended the night with smores and bedtime stories. We ended our week playing at the Evos playground, shooting many arrows in Archery, and singing and dancing to our favorite songs at Shabbat. It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over. It has been an incredible time so far, and we can’t wait for one more week filled with lots more fun!

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