Week 6 Blog – Group 24

HEY GROUP 24!!! Can you believe that next week is the last week of camp? We’re all so sad to be leaving so soon, but we’re not letting that stop us from having the best time we can at camp. We started off our week with by showing off our amazing soccer and hockey skills. We kept things sporty with Gaga later in the week. Group 24 had so much fun during the Wacky Wednesday activities!  We enjoyed playing around in the bouncy house, dunking some counselors in the dunk tank, and playing many really fun games. On Thursday we were all so excited for our second OVERNIGHT!!! We played Greenie Meanies with the unit and our team won! What made tour week even better was that we were able to go onto the zip-line for the 3rd time this summer! Everyone had a blast feeling the rush of wind on the way down. We finished off our week by showing our creativity in film making as well as playing volleyball together at the end of the day. We all had such a fun week together, and we hope to have an even better one next week!

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