Week 6 Blog – Group 22

The group 22 pigeons began another fantastic week with a friendly game of baseball where we hit home runs like we were in the big leagues. After cooling off during instructional swim, we headed to sand Newcomb for heated game played with our toes in the sand. We ended the day with a refreshing free swim and an hour and a half of fun filled yomi-lectives.
Tuesday began with a stupendous scavenger hunt during pioneering, where we meandered through camp searching for treasure. Our campers channeled their inner moneys in high ropes while swinging to the top of the climbing ladder, and later had a blast in boating while rowing through the obstacle course. The day came to a close with Frisbee, where we tossed discs until snack time.
Our campers came to camp on Wednesday filled with spirit and ready to face the wacky day. Group 22 put the “ball” in “Kickball” as we danced around the bases before getting into our wacky activities. We attended a crazy carnival, where we bounced in and out of the bouncy house, dunked our counselor in the dunk tank, and munched on yummy snacks. After lunch and free swim, we continued our wild, wacky day with awesome arts and crafts in the unit and leapfrog races on the field.
We had a joyous start to Thursday in jewelry making, where we created incredible inspirational bracelets and necklaces. We cradled and relayed our way through lacrosse before another fantastic free swim. We rounded off the day with another period of yomi-lectives, where we explored our passions in everything from farm-to-table to photography.
The last day of the week began with a period of superb ceramics, where we pounded and kneaded the clay with smiles all around. Instructional swim was followed by a fantastic cooking period, were we got our hands dirty in flour and sugar. We sang our hearts out in Shabbat, and ended the week with a spirited time in pop fit kids. 
We had a fantastic week, and we can’t wait for the next one!

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