Week 6 Blog: Group 4

This week group 4’s Rockin’ Raindrops had a blast! We started our action-packed week with some creative thinking at photography, where we learned how to tell a story with pictures. After lunch we made snails at Ceramics and practiced shooting some hoops at Basketball. On Tuesday, we did a crazy obstacle course at Gymnastics, at some fresh cucumbers at Gardening, and showed off our skills at Tennis. On Wacky Wednesday we had so much fun playing our safari-themed games and making our own zebra prints! On Thursday, we started our day singing and playing the drums to our favorite tunes. Then we used all of our energy at Soccer, and ended the day with a fun game of Ga-Ga. On Friday, we enjoyed building at Imagination Playground and then eating challah and grape juice at Shabbat! Group 4 had an amazing week full of laughs and energy! We can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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