Group 14 Blog, Week 6

The extraordinary explorers flew into week 6 with excitement and energy! On Monday we continued to make new friends and started off with the Flying squirrel which everyone enjoyed and swung high in the trees. Our next couple of activities were music with Nelson and Basketball! At music with Nelson group 14 got to sing fun songs like song from Moana and beetles songs! Everyone was having fun and got involved! Next we had a delicious lunch and everyone was smiling and having fun in the grass after eating. Next we went to swim where everyone had fun at free swim as always and after got to learn how to perfect their swimming skills at instructional swim. Later in the week on Wednesday we went to archery and filmmaking where we aimed for the bulls eye and then made a cool movie about the Olympics! Lastly to end off the week on our late night day on Thursday we made amazing smoothies at cooking and made emojis at ceramics!! Later we had an extra swim at late night and went around the world with fun activities! Overall Group 14, the Extraordinary Explores, had an amazing 6th week and don’t want this fun summer to end any time soon!

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