Group 12 Blog, Week 6

The second to last week of camp was a blast for the Silly Sightseers. The campers enjoyed every moment of this week. With a lot of counselors and campers leaving this week everyone made a couple of new memories to cherish and take along with them till next summer. Group 12 had an amazing time in gymnastics where they completed and obstacle course. Also in Zumba where they jammed out to wonderful music and did there silliest dance moves. In arts and crafts, the campers made their coolest robots. Photography turned out to be a sweet moment where campers printed out pictures from a previous photography class, and most campers went home with a group picture. Lacrosse and frisbee were fantastic, campers enjoyed their time and made many new games with the sport. Wednesday was the second carnival for Unit 2, and campers had a blast. The campers even dressed up in the cutest safari animals and they roamed all over camp. And, Thursday being a late night, the campers enjoyed an extra free swim where they were able to cool off and also participate in unit games. This week being extremely hot the campers had a chance to cool off in the pool at the end of the day. Group 12 enjoyed their week of camp and the campers are excited to see what the last week of camp has in store for them.

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