Group 18 Blog, Week 6

As we near the end of camp group 18 just gets more and more energized and excited! We started off the week with outdoor ceramics and baseball. Everyone focused very well and made beautiful ceramic snails, some people even made monster snails and got very creative. Despite the heat, everyone tried their hardest and worked as a team in volleyball! This wacky Wednesday we had carnival again, a camp favorite! Everyone enjoyed eating cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones, as well as playing many different activities at different carnival booths. On Thursday we enjoyed our second and final late night! We munched on hotdogs and played many activities as a unit. We finally had boating after a whole summer of waiting!! We had so much fun and all split up the work to make sure we could paddle. It was another amazing week for group 18 and it is so sad that next week is our last!

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