Group 19 Blog, Week 6

The World Wanderers (Group 19) have completed another adventure-filled week! We began with activities like nature, photography, and gardening. In nature we walked around our beautiful camp as explorers and discovered new plants. We printed out our fantastic family photos in photography. We then head off to gardening where everyone made a unique collage out of leaves and pine cones! Our terrific Tuesday started with arts and crafts where the whole group used their imaginations to make a magnificent masterpiece out of tissue paper. We later moved on to basketball where every camper was an NBA star in multiple games of poison. At late night we had an extra enjoyable swim as well as activities that took us to places like Mexico, the Bahamas, and Canada. The impressive Group 19 even took home a huge win at a Bahamas themed relay race by being faster than all the jets and working wonderfully as a team! On Wacky Wednesday we flew to the land of fun with Carnival. We ate superb snacks, got glamorous glitter tattoos, and fabulous face paint! We also had some unit activities that really made us feel like we were in the safari like making hippo masks and playing life sized Hungry, Hungry Hippos! Later on we had Frisbee and all the campers ran faster than any safari animal around the field. On Thursday the group split up and flew to various activities of their choice around the world of Unit 2! We later joined up for Zumba and danced our hearts out to super silly songs like “Pancake Robot” and “It’s Raining Tacos”. After lunch our survivalist sides shined in pioneering when hunting for things we would need to survive outdoors. The week ended as strong as it started. We began our Fantastical Friday with Tennis. All of us perfected our swings and every single person impressively hit the ball over the net with no hesitation. We then zoomed to archery and there was absolutely no shortage of bullseyes from the group. Our Final destination was cooking. There we made smoothies that incorporated tasty flavors from every tropical country! We wish everyone a great weekend and we can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us all! See you all soon for our next adventure!

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