Group 13 Blog, Week 6

As the summer is fastly approaching the end, the Jazzy Jetsetters still maintained to make the best of their last days. As we jumped into this week, we landed right into improv where the campers showed their great listening skills. As we worked as a team, our great listening skills were demonstrated through a game where we had to clap when the specialist said “STOMP” and/or when he said “STOP” we had continue walking. It was hard, but each camper managed to ace the task. Group 13 then slid into zip-line where we all showed great excitement and participation. Each and every camper showed their courageous character by climbing the ropes to reach the top. The Jazzy Jetsetters are always full of joy when it comes to being at camp each and everyday. While being at Jewish Culture, group 13 were able to gather their thoughts and use it to tell some of their wonderful wishes that they came up with. Not only did they tell their wishes, but they learned about the how shabbat came to be and what time the candles should be lit. Nevertheless, the spirit of group 13 never dies, yet instead remains the high and proud. Our skills came out while playing soccer as each camper wanted to make a goal. The Jazzy Jetsetters not only showed their excitement at their activities, but also at Wacky Wednesday where we had a blast. While we enjoyed our safari theme, activities, we also enjoyed our different snacks that were presented to us. In fact, we won a game while attending carnival and had a lot of fun. As the week gradually comes to an end, group 13 cooled off in the pool everyday, while they enjoyed each others presence and the beach ball games that took place. Furthermore, all campers love showing their swimming skills off to one another, especially because of them moving up to different levels. (WOOHOO!) I can’t wait to see all of you next week for the last week of camp!

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