Group 17 Blog, Week 6

The Courageous Cruisers blasted into the sixth week of camp with more smiles and excitement than any other group in camp! The amazing week began with the group totally obliterating their fears and all going super high up on the flying squirrel! After that, it seemed like nothing could beat that, but we were wrong. On Tuesday, the favorite activity had to be soccer, where the campers went against the counselors in a game… and won! The unbelievable teamwork of the campers was too much for the counselors to take! On Wacky Wednesday, the theme was Yomi Bear’s safari adventure and all of the counselors dressed up as lions and the kids dressed up as well and looked like they were actually on a safari! There were intense games of Hungry-Hungry Hippos and a bounce house which was fun to bounce in and roll around in. The campers had fun at the end of carnival by getting face-paint, and participating in booths and won tons of tickets! That was a Wednesday that the group, campers, and counselors won’t soon forget! The week ended with the group having a blast at Frisbee, and even got to learn how to throw the frisbees really far! At the end of this amazing week, it is clear that it won’t be forgotten. Although some counselors are leaving the group, we can only wonder what the next and final week at camp will bring. Have an amazing weekend from Group 17!   

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