Group 20 Blog, Week 6

It was fun, it was hot, it was memorable this 6th week. We did so many fun, cool, and exciting things in this wave of heat. We had a blast from the past and took the stage at Improv. We were being silly and goofy while playing “walk, stop, clap, hop.” Laughter was constant from all the boys and girls. Some even grew wings when they went on the Flying Squirrel. We saw insects at Nature, some dead, some alive. We also went to Pioneering where we learned to survive (outdoors). Wacky Wednesday was hot which was fitting for Safari. So later that day we went to cooking and made smoothies. And boy were they YUMMY. We had an extra swim and activities at this night that was late. We were still active and thrilled even for the dinner we ate We did Tennis, Soccer, all those fun sports But this was the first week we didn’t go on the Basketball Court. We were in for a treat when we saw Ashley in the Dunk Tank. It was even funnier when she went down and sank. Oh Boy Oh Boy did we do a lot. So much we can’t type it all up so HAPPY SHABBAT!

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