Group 21 Blog, Week 6

This week the campers of Group 21 explored the ocean in ceramics when we made wonderful whales. On Tuesday we mastered our volley and forehand shots in a uber fun relay at tennis. We also had a fantastic time at filmmaking where we used the green screen to disappear behind our own invisibility cloaks. Wacky Wednesday was our wildest one yet when we headed out on a safari and played Hungry Hippos and made hippo masks as we traveled from Canada to the Bahamas with our Yomi passports. Boating was a blast, we pedaled in our boats through a curtain of rainbow pool noodles and saw the true beauty of the nature Camp Yomi has to offer. We went back in time on Thursday when we drew dinosaurs with oil pastels in Painting and Drawing and conquered a Gymnastics obstacle course later in the day. We ended the week on Friday, soaring through camp in the flying squirrel and designing our ideal robots at Lego Robotics! See you next week!

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