Group 15 Blog, Week 6

Group 15, the Valiant Voyagers, blasted into week 7 with a ton of excitement and energy. Group 15 zoomed past monday by singing with Nelson in his gazebo, cooking in the kitchen, playing baseball on the mets field, and playing a fun game of kickball. On tuesday, they climbed their way past an obstacle course on low ropes, played a game in floor hockey, jumped around in gymnastics, took beautiful pictures in photography, and playing volleyball in the sand. On wednesday, Yomi Bear’s birthday, all the campers filmed many creative videos for filmmaking and they then  enjoyed an awesome carnival filled with many treats, activities, and even a bouncy castle. On thursday, they went to outdoor ceramics, where they made cups that they could actually drink out of, they went to their chosen hobby hour activity, they planted seeds in the garden, and they learned about Jewish culture. On the last day of the week, they played many fun activities in lacrosse, made amazing necklaces in jewelry making, celebrated shabbat, played tennis, and ran around in pop fit kids. Overall, group 15 had an amazing week! Have a great weekend and we cannot wait to see you for the last week of camp!

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