Week 6 Blog: Group 2

The Shining Stars were off to a great start this week when they played Golf on the field! They hit so many bullseyes and had so much fun watching their friends go up to swing. Then they marched on to Cooking where they made chocolate pretzel trees that were delicious and went to Pop Fit Kids where they played some very fun games of Hot Potato and Keep Away. On Tuesday they let their imaginations run wild at Imagination Playground and danced the chicken dance at Zumba! On Wednesday they got to enjoy all the carnival games, rides, and food all over again! They even got to dunk their counselors in the dunk tank which was hilarious. After a fun game of Kickball, they later got to plant their own pepper and cucumber seeds at Gardening. Thursday was a blast as they got to bounce on the trampoline during the obstacle course in Gymnastics. They ended the day with one of their favorite activities, Mini Zipline, and they had so much fun zooming around in the sky! On Friday, they enjoyed dancing around to their favorite Shabbat songs and can’t wait to see what the next week of camp brings!

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