Group 6 Blog – Week 6

It is now the second to last week of camp and the Jolly Jellyfish couldn’t be having more fun! This week started out with a very hot Monday, but our group still had fun during our numerous activities which included a fantastic game of basketball! On Tuesday, The Jolly Jellyfish truly expressed their inner artist by making awesome snowmen during outdoor ceramics. Group 6 took on this week by streamlining through all of their instructional swim and free swim activities. We then had an appetizing experience during our gardening class in which each camper got the opportunity to taste the delicious fresh vegetables and herbs grown in our own garden. On Wednesday morning the sun was out and about for Wacky Wednesday!  The theme for this Wacky Wednesday was “Safari Carnaval,” in which our whole unit dressed up as tourists and more! Our campers enjoyed many activities all centered around the theme and particularly enjoyed the bouncy house dance party where they each got a chance to dance out all their energy and show their favorite moves to their friends. In the afternoon, Group 6 enjoyed a lovely class of improv where they got the opportunity to demonstrate their theatrical skills and learn new things. We finished up our week with some awesome dance moves in Zumba where campers  danced out all their spirit and energy while playing a FREEZE-tastic game of freeze dance! And we can’t forget The mini zip line where the Jolly Jellyfish zipped through the campgrounds and had an amazing experience. As exciting as our week was, the Jolly Jellyfish can’t wait to swim into next week’s activities, which will hold even more fun! We all hope you enjoy your weekend, and tune in next week for more on our exciting camp experience!

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