Group 7 Blog – Week 6

In this week of camp, the Golden Guppies went swimming on Monday and they continued to learn different ways to swim and get around in the pool by swimming on their own. They swam through the use of freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke. Along with that, they played games such as “Red-light Green-light” and “What Time Is It Mr. Fox?” which really helped them get moving! On Tuesday, the Golden Guppies played golf.  They were really good at cheering each other on!.= On Wacky Wednesday, group 7 dressed up in clothing for Safari Carnival as tourists. They played games such as “Dunk Tank” and “Dance Party Dome”. The Golden Guppies were also given some snacks (such as popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones) and even got glitter tattoos! On Thursday, we played soccer and played on teams. On Friday, the Golden Guppies had Shabbat. They sang some of the favorite songs such as “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and “Soup Shabbat.” After Shabbat, they drank grape juice and ate challah. Group 7 is really excited and looking forward to the activities next week! We hope you and your family have a great weekend!

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