Group 9 Blog – Week 6

Group 9’s  sixth week went by flying as we approached week 7! On Monday, we went to Soccer where we scored so many goals. We also went to ceramics, where we made snails, and lacrosse, where we also scored a lot of goals and played as a team! On  Tuesday we went to Baseball where many of us hit home runs! We also went to gardening and painting and drawing where we had a lot of fun learning about plants and making dinosaurs! On Wacky Wednesday, we had a Safari Carnival where we did lots of activities like face paint, glitter tattoos, and trivia. On Thursday we had photography, kickball and nature. We got to pick the pictures that we took and design them. In nature we picked up worms and learned more about them. We had such a great time on Friday at Shabbat, too, where we sang and danced, had challah, and drank grape juice! Have a wonderful weekend!

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