Week 5 Blog – Group 28

It’s been a great week for Group 28 at camp! The highlight of this week was definitely Yomi Idol. Group 28 practiced hard and diligently to perfect their performance. The song we performed to was You’re the One That I Want from Grease, and the campers enjoyed every second of it! With their flashy dance moves and smooth transitions, Group 28 did so amazing and placed 3rd in the whole Unit! Group 28 also got to do many fun-filled activities this week. All the campers have been showing enormous amounts of improvement in tennis. The coach and counselors can surely see how passionate and competitive each camper gets during the drills and games. Group 28 also got to give Rock Climbing another shot this week. Unlike the first time we did Rock Climbing, most of the campers got all the way to the top this week as the whole group cheered them on! For the first time this summer, Group 28 got to do Lego Robotics. Here, the specialists told them a variety of tasks the robot must do and then the campers had to program the robot to do those tasks. Floor Hockey was another activity Group 28 tackled for the first time. This was surely a favorite. All you could see was the campers running back and forth, and goals being scored left and right. However, it had to be cut short because of the rain. Although the rain made Group 28 miss some activities this week, it definitely didn’t kill our spirit! During rainy days, we did such fun Unit activities in the shelter. It really showed what camp was all about… never a dull moment! Nevertheless, swim will never fail to put a smile on Group 28’s faces. All of the campers are showing exponential improvement during instructional swim, and free swim will always be enjoyable for Group 28. This week has been awesome! Next week is filled with so many fun things. We have Yomi Bear’s Safari Adventure for Wacky Wednesday and then the following day we have Unit 3’s second overnight! We are all excited and pumped for all the new memories the rest of the summer will give us!

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