Week 5 Blog – Group 25

Yet another awesome week at Yomi kicked off with gymnastics bright and early on Monday morning. The campers zoomed through a challenging obstacle course that even included a flip! After working on their swimming skills in instructional swim, the campers sat down to a delicious baked ziti! The campers practically devoured it! In painting and drawing after lunch each camper made a treasure map including obstacles such as sharks, mud pits, and even famous marvel villains that needed to be defeated. After free swim the campers headed to Yomi-lectives. They continued to work on their session two activities. Tuesday morning began with a lice check but the excitement of upcoming yomi idol was already in the air. We even chose to do extra Yomi idol practice instead of play Ga-ga. Our routine to a mashup of the two songs “Lose Yourself” and “All the stars” was growing better by the minute! After instructional swim we sat down to a lunch of chicken fries and veggies. Then we headed to one of the kids’ favorite activities: ceramics. It was so much fun! Each camper got to design their very own ceramic frog (though some chose to make turtles instead). After the usual free swim excitement we had a relaxing yoga session. We played yoga games and shared some new facts about ourselves. We then jumped into another yomi idol practice where we really started to see the performance coming together. The hard work the campers put in was definitely paying off! Wednesday morning began unfortunately with a rainstorm. We rushed to do our final practices in between bouts of rain. Then, before we knew it, it was time for the performance. We cheered on all of our fellow Unit 3 groups and waited nervously for our turn. We did awesome! The dance moves came together beautifully, but nothing was more amazing that the spirit all of our campers showed and the smiles that never left their faces as they danced their hearts out. For this, we were awarded the “most spirited” award. Though we didn’t advance to the finals, we couldn’t be more proud of our performance. We then had a quick lunch of pancakes and scrambled eggs (who doesn’t love breakfast for lunch?) and then hopped on a bus to a hotel where we would see the finals. In the vein of our incredible spirit, the campers showed up to the hotel ready to put aside the disappointment of not advancing in order to cheer as loud as they could for our fellow Unit 3 groups. We lost our minds with excitement when we saw our Group 24 friends come in 3rd place. After the excitement of yomi idol, we all piled back onto the bus and got ready to head home. Thursday morning began with some awesome arts and crafts where the campers made magnificent mosaics! We then went to instructional swim where we got to see some of our campers advance to the next level. We followed this success with a delicious lunch of rice and chicken stir fry then jumped straight into basketball. First came a spirited game of “poison” (a shooting game that the campers really enjoy) then we got to play some actual basketball games for the first time! It was so exciting to watch our campers run around the court as if they were all Michael Jordan. After this rousing game we rushed to free swim where we continued with our high-energy playful games. After swim, we calmed down with our yomi electives that unfortunately came at the same time as yet another rainstorm. Despite the storm, most campers were still able to do their activities and improve the skills they love most.

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