Week 5 Blog – Group 23

Although we are now into August and camp is coming to an end, Group 23 has been having a blast with all the exciting activities! We went through our week with energizing sports, practicing our techniques in tennis and basketball and having an intense tournament in Gaga.

We learned about galaxies while creating jewelry.  In gardening we learned about the flowers and herbs we were planting and in Krav Maga we learned the art of meditation.

This all led up to this week’s exciting Wacky Wednesday: Yomi Idol!  Group 23 worked their hardest all week to perform “We’re All in This Together,” from High School Musical, a song about friendship and teamwork.  In the end, we won the award for Best Smiles!!! We were then so happy to support our friends in other groups that competed in the finals.  Overall, Group 23’s week has been thrilling, full of energy and spirits, and we hope to keep it up for the last few weeks of camp!

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