Week 5 Blog – Group 22

The first day of our fifth fantastic week began with loads of energy and anticipation for the days to come. Specifically, we were looking forward to a certain dance competition on Wednesday…Yomi Idol! With the performance looming ahead, we danced our way through archery, where we practiced our four archer’s stances and hit loads of bulls eyes. In instructional swim, we continued to work on moving up the levels, and in Lego robotics, we channeled our coding energies into creating traveling robots. Yomi-lectives allowed us to focus on our individual passions, and per usual, we wrapped up the day with a yummy snack.


Group 22 is gaga for Ga-ga! On Tuesday, we started off with some Ga-ga, which transitioned into a super spirited Yomi Idol practice filled with spectacular singing and delightful dancing. In free swim, we pretended to be sharks, minnows, cops, robbers, and narwhals while playing various pool games. We followed our rowdy swim period with some relaxing arts and crafts. Our mosaics were magnificent! Group 22 ended the day with a daring dash up the climbing tower. Who knew our kids were so adventurous and brave?


On Wednesday, we arrived at camp at the same time as some foreboding storm clouds that unfortunately prevented us from participating in our scheduled activities. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a last-minute Yomi Idol rehearsal, and the rain had no effect on our excitement to showcase our hard work. The performance was absolutely fantastic. Broadway, here we come! Our dance was rewarded with the prestigious award, “best choreography” before we headed out to watch the fantastic finals.


While playing tennis on Thursday, it felt as though the sun was trying to compensate for its lack of appearance on Wednesday. We worked on hand-eye coordination and accuracy in the sweltering heat before heading to a refreshing instructional swim period, where we performed daring dives and beautiful backstroke. After devouring our delicious lunch, we all developed green thumbs in gardening, where we explored the wonders of worms and compost. We had a handful of new super-sliders during free swim, and ended the day with yomi-lectives, once again.


Friday began with a spectacular game of soccer and drills to improve our technique, followed by swim, the perfect activity to cool down. We were able to revisit our Yomi Idol dancing skills during zumba, where we had a blast before heading to free swim to continue our pool games. After participating in yet another spectacular Shabbat filled with singing, dancing, and c.o.w.s, we wrapped up another perfect week with painting and drawing.

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