Group 14 Blog, Week 5

The Extraordinary Explorers went into this week smiling and ready for action. As camp is coming closer to it’s end, the Extraordinary Explorers are determined to enjoy every second of camp! On Monday we learned how to play lacrosse. We learned how to scoop the ball and how to score a goal. On Tuesday we learned how to play some field games at PopFit Kids. We learned to play a game of soccer without our feet and using only our hands. On Wednesday we had an amazing time at Yomi Idol! We won number one in the entire unit, and even made it to the finals to dance in front of the entire camp! We were super nervous but ended up having so much fun! On Thursday we had cooking and made some delicious hummus to go with our pretzels! On Friday we enjoyed riding our boat on the pond at Boating and we even had a race with each other. Week 5 was amazing, but we have a feeling week 6 is going to be even better!

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