Group 12 Blog, Week 5

With camp being more than half way done, The Silly Sightseers are making the most out of the remaining few weeks. We kickstarted the week off with the campers favorite activities such as soccer, archery, ceramics, and many more. The excited campers enjoyed camp by creating creative and cool cars in ceramics, then scoring some amazing goals in soccer, and relaxing in yoga and improv where they played fun games. Throughout the week the campers enjoyed themselves by participating in the adventurous ropes obstacle course, and of course in Yomi Idol where Group 12 won 2nd place in the unit. The campers even took some wonderful pictures of their friends and nature in photography. The campers also played a cool challenging game in coding by using different codes to reach their target, and went on to hit some terrific targets in archery. The Silly Sightseers can’t wait to see what the rest of camp has in store!

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