Group 19 Blog, Week 5

The world Wanderers (group 19) flew frantically into week five, building beautiful sharks in outdoor ceramics and blasting bullseyes in archery. Alongside these brilliant activities, group 19 engaged in exciting educational endeavors, becoming beasts at beating drums in music with some special yomi idol practice sprinkled sporadically into the schedule. On wacky Wednesday the highly anticipated Yomi Idol competition was held, with the World Wanderers’ Spongebob theme song soaring above the competition, placing third in the Unit contest!!! It truly was a tremendously triumphant day, with group 19 cheering compassionately for our Unit 2 comrades. While the hype of Yomi idol had worn off in the final days of the week, group 19 kept up its amazing attitude and desire to discover new things, flying frisbees sky high in frisbee and joyfully juggling in circus arts. We even got another chance to freely fly through the air on the field zip line! We had an absolutely amazing week five in group 19, and can’t wait for whatever exciting opportunities are waiting for us in week 6!! Have a great weekend!!

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