Group 13 Blog, Week 5

It’s week five and group 13, the Jazzy Jetsetters, are still full of energy, spirit and are ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. This week was no ordinary week for the Jazzy Jetsetters! We started off with some sports such as soccer and baseball! Group 13 played a friendly game against each other and then they got to put their skills to the test with a game against their counselors; they rocked the field! And that wasn’t all! The Jazzy Jetsetters then showed off their bravery in flying squirrel; we’ve never seen the group work so hard as a team and support each other to get through this obstacle. Though it rained on Wednesday, group 13 still managed to put on a great show at yomi idol. The smiles, dancing and singing joyfully spread through unit 2 and as a whole Camp, through the Marriott hotel! We’ve had such an exciting week and the week got even better as campers got to partake in an activity of their choice for an entire hour, coming back more excited then ever about their new skills and the goals they achieved! As the week came to a close, we enjoyed coming together as a family during Shabbat to sing and we brought our awesome jazzy moves to the dance floor once again for fun as a unit! We hope everyone enjoys their weekend and we’ll see everyone on Monday for another exciting week at camp!!!

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