Group 15 Blog, Week 5

The valiant voyagers, group 15, kicked this week off at jewelry making by crafting colorful seahorse necklaces before flying over to frisbee. We cheered our way over to gaga where we played a friendly game of campers vs. Sarah. We laughed our way through circus arts where we practiced our balancing and Chinese yo-yo skills. After that we flew down mini zip, but not before having a yummy lunch. We ended our day splashing around in the pool for free and instructional swim. We ran into Tuesday’s first period soccer by splitting into two groups, each group playing against group 20! After, we helped out in the camp garden by pulling out weeds and planting our own seeds. We then continued to practice our yomi idol dance that would be preformed the next day. Next, we went through a challenging obstacle course in pioneering before heading back to the shelter for lunch. At painting and drawing we made our very own colorful and creative treasure maps decorated with everything from crocodiles to an evil octopus named mr. Troublemaker. After we found the treasure we went over to the pool where it seemed as if some of our campers turned into fish!  Wednesday’s rain didn’t stop us from having our final practice before our performance. We may not have gotten first place, but our group did get the award for best lip syncing the song! That day we also got to have breakfast for lunch with warm pancakes and eggs. After lunch, all units headed over to a hotel to watch the first and second place winners from each unit perform their dances in front of the whole camp! We cheered so loud when our friends from unit two went up to preform. Thursday morning we programmed our way into Lego robotics before heading back to the unit for hobby hour. When the group got back together we went over to Yankees field for an awesome game of baseball. After lunch we had Jewish music where we got to drum on buckets and play many fun games! Unfortunately, swim was cut short due to the rain, but it didn’t stop us from playing a great human bingo game with the whole unit. Have a great weekend, and see you soon!

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