Group 18 Blog, Week 5

Group 18, The Frequent Flyers, had an amazing week of camp. We raced over to Pop-Fit kids for a series of competitive exercises. We had an amazing time at soccer again and we also drew treasure maps at painting and drawing.  We learned some new Hebrew words at Jewish culture, while talking about the geography of Israel. After this and Israel day last week, I think we have become experts on Israel. Parent night was also a blast. It was great to have dinner at camp with our parents. That day, we filmed a zombie movie at filmmaking with our counselors and parents. The next day we danced our way around Yomi Idol as we became the Fresh Prince of a town called Bel-Air. We did a great job dressing up. And we even won the award for best costumes! Although we didn’t win the entire competition, Yomi Idol was still a blast! We are entering the homestretch of camp and we are really excited for the last two weeks!

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