Group 7 Blog – Week 5

This week, Group 7 started off strong with Yomi idol practice! Next, we went to Music with Nelson where we made up new lyrics to the Shabbat songs. Then, at photography, we took pictures of nature and our friends. On Tuesday we started off with basketball where we improved our amazing skills. Afterwards, we cooled off at arts and crafts where we made collages. Next we did the extremely hard obstacle course and had a blast! Next was Wacky Wednesday! This week was Yomi idol where we performed our amazing dance to the Spongebob Theme Song. We got to take home the best sportsmanship award! Then, because it rained, we went to the hotel to see the finals. We enjoyed watching the other groups dance while cheering them on! On Thursday we played Ga-Ga with campers versus counselors where the campers won! Next we zoomed off to the mini zip and had a blast. On Friday we played an intense game of tennis. Afterwards we went to gardening where we had a friendly competition of who could pick the most weeds. At Shabbat we drank grape juice and ate challah while singing the songs we learned at music with Nelson.  We had an amazing week and we’re really looking forward to the next one!

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