Group 8 Blog – Week 5

The Super Starfish had an eventful week! On Monday, we scored some goals in soccer and practiced our awesome Yomi Idol dance. Then, we made stylish under-the-sea themed jewelry, and enjoyed circus arts along with a very special dinner at parent night! On Wednesday, we jammed out to “Goofy Goober Rock,” took home first place in the Unit 1 section of Yomi Idol, performed in front of the whole camp in the final round, and earned the Yomi bear award! Thursday was packed with fun as we made awesome shots in basketball, and learned about insects in nature! Late night was fantastic, and we had the best time dancing at the silent disco and making stuffed tigers! The group was all smiles, playing with each other and their counselors. We sang our favorite songs together at shabbat on Friday, and enjoyed yummy challah bread. We all left camp highly anticipating another fun week!

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