Group 6 Blog – Week 5

Rain can’t stop the Jolly Jellyfish from having another great week at Camp Yomi! On Monday, we went to filmmaking and got to be in this week’s Wacky Wednesday video. We cheered and smiled. After that, we had Yomi Idol practice and learned cool, new dance moves. On Tuesday in Yoga, each of us created poses like the butterfly, the rocket ship, and even the ballerina pose! How can we forget about gymnastics? We flipped and jumped. On Wednesday, everyone was getting ready for Yomi Idol! After all the practices, we finally got to perform and got the Most In Sync award! We rocked our cool glasses and enjoyed other units’ performances. On Thursday, we played kickball and went on the mini zip line! It was so much fun to soar through the air! Lastly, on Friday, we had a blast during cooking and Shabbat. Every week is an amazing one at Camp Yomi and we’re looking forward to the next one!

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