Group 9 Blog – Week 5

The Stellar Sea Dragons continue to have the most amazing weeks this summer. Week 5 started off just as great the others. We start off our week with the flying squirrel where the sea dragons soared through the air. Who knew sea dragons could fly too!? After doing that the Sea Dragons also enjoyed going to pop fit kids where they got to show off their speed. This week we also played super intense games of soccer! We also rehearsed our dance moves for Yomi Idol where we danced to “You’re Welcome.” Because the Sea Dragons practiced so hard and were so amazing, they made it into the finals of Yomi Idol, where they preformed to the whole camp! After doing that, the Sea Dragons received an award for how well they did. The next day the Sea Dragons played baseball and went to painting and drawing, where we made AWESOME treasure maps. Next, we went to Jewish culture and the Sea Dragons asked such interesting questions.  We then ended off our day with late night where we had a big headphone party and made stuffed tigers.  Friday was eventful as usual with an awesome shabbat celebration.  Have a great weekend!

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