Week 5 Blog: Group 4

The Rockin’ Raindrops cannot believe we are in the fifth week of camp! We started the week off strong by making robots at Arts & Crafts. Then, after swim we made bug homes at Gardening and began practicing our Yomi Idol dance. Group 4 had so much fun completing an amazing obstacle course at Low Ropes.  When Wednesday came around we were so pumped to perform our dance to the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles that we had practiced the whole week. After we performed we won 1st place in the entire unit, which meant that we got to perform in front of the whole camp! We danced and sang our hearts out in our superhero costumes and we won second place! On Thursday, we were so excited for our second late night at camp, where we got to make our very own stuffed tigers! Friday is always fun because we get to start our day off with Shabbat, singing our favorite songs and eating yummy challah and grape juice. It was such an exciting week for group 4 and we can’t wait for the next week of camp!

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