Week 5 Blog: Group 2

The Shining Stars began this new week of camp with such excitement and energy as we practiced our Yomi Idol dance during Zumba. We had a blast as we hit so many home runs in Baseball and then we kept that athletic energy up as we kicked the ball super high in Kickball. On Tuesday we were so excited because we got to make our very own slime! Then during Circus Arts we played a super fun animal guessing game and we drew maps of Israel during Jewish Culture. Tuesday was so special because we got to show our parents camp. We did a special jewelry making activity with our parents by making our very own lion bracelets. Wednesday was so cool because it was Yomi Idol and we got to show off our dance moves for everyone to see. On Thursday, we had a blast playing our favorite field games with our counselors. We then got to see our favorite pictures that we had taken in Photography and decorate our own frames! Later, we made our own super cool robots during Arts & Crafts! We had a blast during the late night making our own stuffed animal tigers and dancing in the Unit K shelter during a silent disco party! On Friday we had so much fun singing along to our favorite Shabbat songs and singing along with the Shabbatones! We can’t wait for the next week of camp!

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