Week 5 Blog: Group 1

Group 1 had another fantastic week of camp! On Monday, the group started off the week with a lot of laughs at Circus Arts. Everyone enjoyed hearing the funny jokes and playing the animal guessing game. Later on, we went to Arts & Crafts where we made our robots! On Tuesday, the group participated in an exciting game of soccer. We also had Pioneering where group 1 campers used their super speed to complete a challenging obstacle course.Tuesday was a very special day at camp because we got to have group 1 parents up at camp and play a fun game of baseball with them! Wednesday was the day we had all been waiting for….Yomi Idol! Group 1’s dance to Try Everything was amazing! The Happy Hot Air Balloons looked incredible on stage decked out in their Camp Yomi shirts and super cool dance moves. On Thursday we had a great time balancing, tumbling and jumping at Gymnastics! Thursday was so special because we had a chance to stuff our very own stuffed animal tigers in the Unit K shelter and have a silent disco dance party! On Friday we sang our favorite songs at Shabbat and enjoyed our delicious challah and grape juice at Shabbat. Later, we had basketball where we worked on our dribbling and shooting skills. We had an amazing week and can’t wait to see what comes next!

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