Group 21 Blog, Week 4

Wow what a wonderful week at Camp Yomi! Since it was really rainy on Monday, we had to improvise! The terrific travelers traveled to the theater and watched an awesome movie! After our trip to the theater, we made the journey back to camp and with extreme luck, the weather cleared up and we got to go  swimming! On Tuesday the weather was nice and we started our day off with some great games of gaga! After gaga, the terrific travelers took a trip to the fun field and played baseball! Baseball was a home run! All of the terrific travelers  got on base! When we got out of baseball, we went down to photography and took our artsy pictures! After photography ended we got in our ninja mentality and conquered the low ropes course! Soon after, the terrific travelers rushed to the field and played some super fun games of soccer! Soccer was amazing! Once again, all of our talented travelers showed off their super sweet skills! After soccer, we rushed to the cool pool and finished our day off with some splashing fun! Wednesday was extra wacky this week! The rain was trying to stop us from having another awesome day at camp, BUT WE SAID NO! Wednesday was Yomi Bear’s birthday party! We got invited to his birthday party, so we had to get ready! We spent our morning dressing up, until it was time! We went to his party at the hotel and had loads of fun! On Thursday, we started our day off with so intense lacrosse! After that, we all broke off into to our hobby hour! When we met back up, we headed over to the great garden and got digging! All that gardening made us hot, so we headed to the lovely pool and took a dip! On Friday, frisbee was the first fun activity! We flung flying frisbees across the meadow and then headed to our Yomi Idol rehearsal! That was a blast! After we practiced, we celebrated Israel Day at camp! Then we sung some fun songs at shabbat! We so look forward to what next week brings!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to ride a bus to camp? You should ask one of the buses that recently won bus of the week. Bus of the week can be earned for many different reasons, some of which include: being spirited, being organized, having fun, being friendly, and inclusive. Our “spies” ride the buses each week looking out for all of these different things. On Fridays at dismissal it is tradition that Yomi Bear appears at camp and helps announce the bus of the week winners. If your camper’s bus wins Bus of the Week, make sure to congratulate them – it’s a big deal in our world!

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