Blog: Week 4 Group 4

Bus Of The Week 

Have you ever wondered what it is like to ride a bus to camp? You should ask one of the buses that recently won bus of the week. Bus of the week can be earned for many different reasons, some of which include: being spirited, being organized, having fun, being friendly, and inclusive. Our “spies” ride the buses each week looking out for all of these different things. On Fridays at dismissal it is tradition that Yomi Bear appears at camp and helps announce the bus of the week winners. If your camper’s bus wins Bus of the Week, make sure to congratulate them – it’s a big deal in our world!

Group 4 Blog:

Hey all you Yomi fans! Monday morning started off with an exciting trip to watch The Emperor’s New Groove with our friends and then we travelled back to camp to make necklaces in Jewelry Making! On Tuesday, we looked for worms in Nature and made our own treasure maps in Painting and Drawing. On Wednesday we celebrated Yomi Bear’s Bash by playing freeze dance and making our very own goodie bags! Thursday was a busy day as we made “wonder wands” in Gardening and had such a refreshing time in the pool! In the afternoon we had our first Yomi Idol practice and then made chocolate covered pretzels in Cooking. Friday was an exciting way to end the week as we celebrated Israel Day with carnival activities on the Unit 1 Field!

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