Week 4 Blog – Group 22

Group 22 kicked off the week with shelter games as a storm raged outside. The rain didn’t stop us from having a blast playing the mostest and creating song parodies for Shabbat. We cheered our hearts out, laughing our way through the day until tennis, where we hit balls until the rain returned. After a rousing game of Candy Land in Unit Four, we ran over to a long awaited free swim. Afterwards, we headed off to our new yomi-lectives, where we had a blast learning about our new activities.
On Tuesday we made an exciting decision: our yomi idol song, Mamma Mia! We danced our way through duck duck goose and freeze tag, followed by a spirited instructional swim period learning about everything from flip turns to chicken-airplane-soldier. We flew through Frisbee, and practiced focus and strength during Krav Maga to round out another perfect day.
On Wednesday we were greeted by more thunderstorms, but that didn’t stop us from having an incredible dance party to celebrate Yomi Bear’s birthday bash. We learned some new dances like the Cha Cha Slide and practiced our favorites like the Limbo. We said “hi” to Yomi Bear before heading back to camp, where our shelter became our runway in another fantastic game of the mostest.
Thursday began with a productive yomi idol practice and some terrific tennis for our spectacular sports club participants. The pool felt extra refreshing after somersaulting and leapfrogging in gymnastics. The day wound down with another hour and a half of yomi-lectives, where we did everything from coding and cooking to photography filmmaking.
We were especially excited for Friday because we had boating, which had been looking forward to all week. We had a blast in the paddleboats, and the fun continued in outdoor ceramics and Shabbat, where we sang the Shabbat themed version of “Havana” that we created earlier in the week. Week four was an absolute pleasure, and we can’t wait for week five. Have a fantastic weekend!


Have you ever wondered what it is like to ride a bus to camp? You should ask one of the buses that recently won bus of the week. Bus of the week can be earned for many different reasons, some of which include: being spirited, being organized, having fun, being friendly, and inclusive. Our “spies” ride the buses each week looking out for all of these different things. On Fridays at dismissal it is tradition that Yomi Bear appears at camp and helps announce the bus of the week winners. If your camper’s bus wins Bus of the Week, make sure to congratulate them – it’s a big deal in our world!

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