Group 21 Blog, Week 3

The Terrific Travelers soared into week 3 of camp with a competitive early morning Lacrosse outing! The girls teamed up to edge the boys out of the win in an early relay to ten goals. Later in the week the kids raced to snatch up weeds in Gardening and barreled through baseball batting up a storm. Wacky Wednesday was wonderfully wacky as group 21 went crazy for the carnival. Bouncing in the bouncy house, munching on popcorn and cotton candy, and punching in prizes in the game booths, they had a blast. Thursday morning Group 21 revealed their
artistic side with perfect portrayals of whacky Giraffes in painting and drawing. Lastly, campers enjoyed their choice of their favorite activity in hobby hour and made great strides in seriously improving their swimming skills. The Terrific Travelers are eager to rush into upcoming adventures in their fourth week of camp!

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