Group 20 Blog, Week 3

The Greatest Globetrotters (Group 20) had a tremendous time at tennis while teetering their tennis balls on tottering rackets. Some stylish moves were shown on the soccer field as Messi incarnates ferociously fired their soccer balls into the goals. The Greatest Globetrotters gobbled up some good grub such as pancakes, turkey burgers, and tasty tatter tots swim was swamped with splishing and splashing but we had a day of swinging by the sprinklers swiftly. Lots of fun took place with lollipop — I mean lacrosse lances and some kids were pumped for pop fit. Some smiles were made as we broke the seriousness and silence at circus arts. All of the children were going to be doctors, but they ran out of patience. (Ha-ha). We jumped in gymnastics and did some funny antics and shenanigans while having a jolly ol’ time. Camp Carnival created lots of exciting rides and we popped lots of popcorn into our bellies. We beat the heat by slurping our snowcones and boyoyoinged in the bouncy house. We can’t wait for week 4!

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