Group 13 Blog, Week 3

On Monday the Jazzy Jetsetters of group 13 had an amazing time during kickball; the ball went flying everywhere and later, during baseball, everyone got some serious hits in. It feels as though the future athletes of America are right in front of us.¬†On Wednesday group 13 probably had the most fun out of the entire summer so far, and grew even closer together having fun getting glitter tattoos, jumping all around in the bouncy house, and pushing their skills in the game booths. Now that’s what we call a Wacky Wednesday.¬†Thursday was the day all of group 13 was waiting for. Because Thursday was when they finally got to do flying squirrels and zip line; risks were taken, fears were conquered, and it became a day they’d never forget. What a week for the Jazzy Jetsetters!

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