Group 12 Blog, Week 3

The Silly Sightseers have had an amazing and adventurous week so far in Unit 2! Starting on Monday, the campers learned the basics of Lacrosse and had a great time playing catch with eachother! It was so exciting to see the kids learn a new sport and be engaged with each other. After lacrosse the campers played a sport that many people are familiar with at Yomi; Gaga! They all had a fantastic time playing Gaga in a competitive but super fun and supportive environment! After Gaga was zip line time! Everyone in group 12 was so supportive and respectful of each other during zipline. Every camper got a chance to soar through the sky and experience the thrilling fun of zip line! After zipline the kids got the chance to play bongos, tambourines, and maracas with Nelson and sing along to songs like Stand By Me, the Shabbat song, and more! To end their day, the Silly Sightseers took very professional looking photos of nature and of each other outside and got to print them and put them in their own frames. Before we knew it, it was Wacky Wednesday, one of the most exciting days for all campers! This Wacky Wednesday was Carnival! Group 12 got to go in big bouncy houses and slides. Then, everyone got to eat some sweets and snacks! Group 12 got to eat snow cones with their own individual colors, as well as some tasty popcorn and cotton candy! After the amazing treats, the campers got to visit many different booths full of games and tricks. There was also face painting and colorful tattoos for the campers. Carnival was such an amazing experience for every camper at Yomi and especially the Silly Sightseers. Later, they all got to eat their tasty treats! To round off the day the Silly Sightseers learned about the Kiddush Cup in Jewish Culture! They learned that the Kiddish cup is filled with sweet grape juice and then they got to make beautiful drawings of anything they thought was sweet and tasty like the grape juice. This has been an especially amazing week for the Silly Sightseers and there is definitely more in store for this wonderful group!

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