Group 15 Blog, Week 3

The Valiant Voyagers hailing from Unit 2, group 15, jumped started the week 3 off with a combination of the arts and sports. Circus arts kept us laughing throughout the whole day, even during the downtime of basketball. Tuesday was filled with the arts, nature, and sports. We voyaged the camp grounds to capture sneaky ants, then calmed down with some music and, to start the fun up again, danced at Zumba. This was followed by a low rope course which was a piece of cake for the valiant voyagers. Wednesday was just a blast of fun as the carnival was filled with laughter and excitement, which we had no problem transferring into a concentrated archery session. Shabbat was filled with good memories and fun times, the weekly camp awards were the highlight of the day. Hope to see all my valiant voyegers exploring the mysteries that await us in week 4

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