Week 3 Blog – Group 28

This week has been an exciting week for group 28, filled with many actives and new experiences for many of our campers. To kick off the week we showed off our soccer skills and learned some new tricks. Then we were able to enjoy our Yomi-lectives. On Tuesday Group 28 made home runs during baseball. We then showed some love and appreciation to mother nature during gardening. On Wacky Wednesday everyone showed off their Wackiness by dressing in all blue. We were also able to enjoy snacks, games, a bouncy house and slide during our carnival winning received stickers and some prizes. We used our handprints to make masterpieces during ceramics. Overnight, Overnight, Overnight Whoo! Overnight took place on Thursday. Before all the late afternoon actives could commence group 28 heading out to do some bowling. After that Group 28 enjoyed a scavenger hunt and then also had s’mores around a campfire and friends. Right before bed, we listened to a bedtime story, allowing for many of us to enjoy a new experience of being away from home for a night. At the end of the week, Group 28 was able to do tower climbing, having fun while being safe. And to close off the week we were able to do more exercising during pop fit kids. But one of everyone’s favorite actives is swimming which we got an extra period of. We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the summer can bring us!

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