Week 3 Blog – Group 27

The Liberty Ballers had a blast in their fourth week of camp, with lots of exciting activities and loads of energy! This week we all got aboard the Group 27 train, and took a trip to the Liberty Baller stadium, in which each camper found their inner tennis superstar and Krav Maga skills. Next, Group 27 took on the heat we had this week by diving in and splashing through all of their instructional swim activities. We then had an exciting, tumbling time in our Gymnastics class, learning how to bear crawl, parkour across the bars and somersault down the “cheese block” mat. Group 27 found their “spidey senses” by having an amazing time on the spider web net at Evos playground, and enjoying a great game of “Lava” with all of our friends. The Liberty Ballers also enjoyed our first Carnival Wacky Wednesday, in which the whole unit dressed up in our cool blue unit color and enjoyed tons of carnival activities and snacks. Our Wacky-tastic activities included games, music, and bouncing around a bouncy castle slide! We finished up our week with our first camp overnight, in which we enjoyed a lovely BBQ dinner, s’mores, a NYC themed scavenger hunt, and awesome stories and cheers around the campfire. As exciting as our fourth week was, the Liberty Ballers can’t wait to zoom into next weeks activities which hold even more fun! We all hope you enjoy your weekends, and check in next week for more on our exciting camp experience!

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