Week 3 Blog – Group 26

The Terrific Taxis zoomed into our third week of camp with zest and excitement. After an amazing second week, we were so excited to return and have a blast! We started off our week with basketball where we practiced shooting some hoops as a group. We then made our way to instructional swim where we learned a whole lot about different strokes and kicks. We had so much fun that we never wanted it to end. We then headed out to zip line where our taxis soared across our camp! Monday ended with Yomi electives where we all had a blast. We ended our day with smiles plastered on our faces! On Tuesday we started off our day with soccer where we showed off our skills in a friendly scrimmage. We worked so well as a team that I think we may be going to the world cup next year! We then headed off to swim where we all jumped and played. We then had a special event with our friends from ORT. We made a video with some super cool chalk and had such a fun time with our new friends. We went home that day excited for the festivities of wacky Wednesday, Our Wacky Wednesday theme this week was carnival, so we came all decked out in our unit color, blue. We started off our day with nature where we went to the lake and learned all about the plants that live in our beautiful camp. From there, we headed to swim where we had a blast as always. The, we started our Wacky Wednesday festivities with a trip to the carnival. We slid down the giant slide and bounced to our heart’s content in the bouncy house. We also got some super delicious snacks that we gobbled down in the field. We then went to do some fun carnival games. From pom-pom vacuum to hit the fish, we all had a ball at our Wacky Wednesday carnival. We went home with our belly’s full and our smiles wide. On Thursday we bounded to camp with a little extra pep in our step because Thursday was the day of our overnight! We started our day of with photography where we got to print out some of photos we had taken. We were very proud of all the photos we took because they all looked incredible! We then headed to instructional swim where we learned a lot from our lifeguards. After we waved them goodbye, we bounded to tennis where we knew a lot of fun was stored. We worked on our swings when we arrived and even got to try our hand at rallying the ball. After that, we had swim and Yomi electives where we had a whole ton of fun. We then waved our friends heading home goodbye and boarded buses to go bowling. We all had a ball at bowling and some of us even got a strike! Eventually, we got back to our buses and headed back to camp where an amazing barbecue awaited. We munched down on our food at the field and played a little as we waited for what was next in the store. Soon, we were told we were going on a tour of NYC and headed out to see the sights of the city. We travelled through camp and saw some pretty cool stuff, like the Big Apple Circus and Barclays. We even took a picture with Lady Liberty shot some hoops at MSG! We ended our tour with smiles on our faces and excited for what else the night had in store. We then headed to a bonfire where we all got some delicious s’mores sans the chocolate! We all thought they were amazing and wanted seconds even though there was no more. Afterwards, we sat around the camp fire and heard a story and sang a song. By then, we were tired and said goodnight. We went to bed in our lovely camp with smiles all over our faces and excited for what was to come. We woke up the next morning ready for the day! We started off with breakfast and then headed to our extra swim! We jumped around and had so much together at the start of our very nice day. We then went back to our unit where we met back with our friends who had not stayed the night with us. We went to volleyball where we had two rousing games. We cheered, hit and had a blast. We then went to our instructional swim where we all had a whole ton of fun. Then, we headed to pop fit kids where we played some very fun games. Swim was next and we splashed and played. Afterwards, we went to shabbat where we sang, drank grape juice and had some delicious Challah bread. Our day ended with pioneering where we learned about sustainability and played a few games. We went home with happy hearts and all so happy to have had such an incredible third week of camp. We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and are so excited to see you next week at camp.

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