Week 3 Blog – Group 24

Group 24 had a fantastic time at camp! Our first activity of the week was cooking where we got to make delicious cookie dough. We enjoyed learning how to pitch and work together as a team in baseball and perfecting our strokes during instructional swim. This week’s Wacky Wednesday was a carnival!
We were able to dress up in our units color and get face paint. We also were able to enjoy tasty treats such as cotton candy, snow cones, and delicious buttery popcorn! We were also able to go on exciting inflatable rides!
Everyone seemed excited for the overnight on Thursday! We ate hotdogs and chicken burgers even some chips! Later that night we had an NYC themed scavenger hunt, and our group won! Go Group 24! We then got to enjoy a late night snack of s’mores and were off to bed. The next morning, we had an extra free swim and enjoyed some more fun activities and of course, Shabbat! We can’t wait for what next week has in store!

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